Our mission

Our mission focuses on providing nominal fees professional programs, establishing a unique generation with high professional capabilities capable of making development in many fields through a specialized university programs. Also, the implementation of research, the Arabization of knowledge and science, the consultancy services and publication, and supporting specialists in all administrative fields with nominal fees that ensure the sustainability of the university, community development and helping those who are financially incapable to develop their educational and cultural level to enable them to create opportunities for success in obtaining various job opportunities, making them an exceptional addition in any work environment they join.

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Honor List in Student Activities for the Bachelor program


Honor List in Student Activities for the master program

Bachelor of Project Management

Duration: 8 semesters.

Master of Project Management

Duration: 3 semesters.

All the programs are certified and accredited by IPMA.

The certification is issued by Everyone’s Smart University.

15 weeks for the first semester and for the second semester.

8 weeks for the summer semester.

All lecture times at the university depends on the time of Makkah Al-Mukarramah .

Lectures are uploaded weekly, and discussion panels are held in the evening.

The material is in English, the lectures and communication are in Arabic.

The study at the undergraduate program is free of charge (benevolent work).

For the master’s program, Seven hundred and seventy US dollars only should be paid for one semester.

Fees are paid before the start of the semester.

Courses are not equalized at everyone’s smart university.